From the Chairman of the Board

From the Chairman of the Board

Our vision, experience, and integrated thinking combined with our excellent team of employees have played a crucial role in promoting PQR to be one of the top rated companies in Europe.

For over 30 years, environment and sustainability have been an important factor to PQR’s operations and success. Our sustainability mission envisions meeting the needs of our clients while conducting business in an  economically, environmentally, and  socially responsible manner to the benefit of current and future generations.

We are currently exploring possibilities of establishing branches of our company abroad, such as the Middle East and also acquiring existing companies in North America.

PQR is one of the primary engineering-consulting firms in the European market. As a complete installation-consulting firm, PQR’s confidence along with the measures we implement, will take us closer to our goal of being an international leader.

We strive to reach our goals in 2014:

  • Develop a reputation as an expert in our field to provide excellence in service and increased value to customers
  • Increase profitable revenues by targeting growth areas; expand internationally
  • Increase innovation, training, education to keep skills current and create an international reputation
  • Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction through improved and new solutions
  • Improve organizational flow  to  allow for growth and advancement
  • Effectively hire staff for expected growth
  • Be the employer of choice

Mikael Bisther
Chairman of the Board, PQR Group Companies