The field of acoustics is very diverse. PQR can provide a wide range of services in several different specialty areas. We work with architects, designers, builders, contractors, and facility owners to ensure the best outcome.

Architectural Acoustics
Our experienced team can provide solutions that address sound propagation, speech intelligibility and the enhancement of music, and provide options to mitigate noise within the built environment.
Noise Control
Sound Transmission
Background Noise Level

Environmental Noise Control
Environmental acoustics primarily addresses outdoor noise and vibration concerns. Our team can perform tests and calculations to determine the impact of a noise source on the environment and then recommend options to mitigate the noise. The mitigation of noise may be addressed at the source of the noise, or in some cases it will be addressed at the receiver.
Noise level testing
Noise Impact Studies
Site Analysis
Noise Barrier Specifications
Construction Specifications

Industrial Noise Control
We are experienced in industrial noise control typically deal with noise and vibration generated by industrial equipment and machines, and how to control this noise in order to protect industrial workers.
Equipment Specifications
Isolation methods

Mechanical Noise and Vibration Control
Mechanical equipment is a common source of noise and vibration. Typically mechanical acoustics addresses noise and vibration from building systems, especially HVAC. Our team can review proposed ducting plans, unit specifications and unit locations to determine any potential noise concerns.

Background Noise/Noise Criteria
Equipment specification, location, and installation
Sound Transmission
Vibration Isolation