Building Automation

Today, technology plays an integral role in building systems and equipment. Convergence and the integration of these systems to a common architecture, requires specialized expertise. Technology systems have become the new “utility” and require early strategic planning and proper budgeting for any project. Building Management Systems (BMS) provides a single source solution for environmental control, automation, life-safety and energy management systems for the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors.

We provide:

  • A profound knowledge that can help clients to create sustainable green buildings of ultimate quality and technical advancement and we can also design tailor-made solutions to suit commercial and market preferences of our clients.
  • Energy efficient, green buildings designs that are not just beneficial to the environment but are also a high-return in/on investment
  • Knowledge transfer in fields of management and operation by providing the assistance based on experience and local expertise
  • Expertise in designing & specifying cutting edge technologies for mechanical and electrical control systems, including BMS, room automation, home automation, security systems and others
  • Advanced designed MEP control systems based on Green Buildings concept, which are energy efficient, environment friendly and are in accordance with Local Authorities as well as International Standards

  • Assistance with engineering consultant in design and selection of the best solution for individual projects
  • Competent service to building owners and planners, who can rely on specialist advice when it comes to the themes of energy efficiency, sustainability, comfort and security as well as the planning, design and commissioning.
  • Advice on the best-selected technology solution for specific type of project (High Rise Developments, Hotels, Residential Complexes, Office Blocks, Commercial and Industrial Projects, Major Airport Developments, Stadiums, Offshore Oil and Gas Installations, Cinemas, Entertainment Facilities, Residential Complexes and Communities, and Luxury Villas).
  • Added value to the project in terms of increasing the value or rentability of the property for the client as building becomes more energy efficient and equipped with latest technology
  • Assurance that all the required work (integration, testing, commissioning, and training) is completed satisfactory to deadline, within budget, and to the specifications set by the Consultant.
  • Facility management & maintenance solutions