Environmental certification


Sweden Green Building Council
PQR strives to customiz designs and construction projects to ensure our clients meet increasingly stringent requirements in future. Green Building has long been a part of our long-term efforts towards building a sustainable society. Today, we offer our customers the environmental building certification at all levels, from litigation support to full-scale certification.

Miljo Byggnad

A building is so much more than the installations and its technical features. In LEED evaluated a building based on local environment, materials, human health, life-cycle, cost effectiveness, and energy. We offer our clients consulting, litigation support, and full-scale project to LEED standards.


We have adopted the U.S. system LEED or its British equivalent BREEAM to Swedish conditions ( BREEAM SE) . PQR is currently developing new ideas on the BREEAM for existing buildings ( breem -In – Use) . The system scores ranging from recycling rate of ventilation units to producing heath or warem water for the occupants.