Dennis Wilson is a highly motivated, creative and versatile design professional with over 30 years of dedicated experience in all sectors of Engineering and Architectural Design and Construction Administration. His experience is multi-disciplined and includes all phases of design and project team management from project concept through occupancy. He has a strong track record of communication and attention to detail, understanding the needs and processes of all disciplines involved with the project, and communication of project objectives with the needs of the ultimate end-user and the requirements of the client in mind. A focused self-starter with excellent analytical, organizational and creative skills committed to personal and staff development.


His fundamental goal and philosophy is to drive a positive impact on projects, project teams and fellow employees through the sharing of knowledge and working to streamline the design and production processes towards efficiency and a successful conclusion. The successful incorporation of these efforts has allowed members of the project teams to pay closer attention to the important details of the design and coordination with others, ultimately producing a better superior product.


No task is so small as to be passed over as unimportant, nor is any challenge so great as to be unconquerable.