Architectural Lighting

Our team of lighting expert fully understands the power of light and its ability to accentuate and enhance architecture, create experiences, conserve energy, and form luminous compositions that are breathtaking as well as functional and cost effective. The PQR design team possesses a broad knowledge and expertise, which enables us to create an effective design for nearly any project type.

We venture to conceptualize the architect’s vision in order to create a luminous environment that not only supports but also enriches their design. A strong emphasis on color, form, texture, contrast, shadow, and balance lends to an appropriate aesthetic affect. Understanding the latest in lamp, Luminaire, and controls technologies and techniques allows us to create a lighting scheme which is as operative as it is artistic. Knowledge on codes, standards, and LEED criteria allows us to provide designs that not only meet but also go above and beyond all requirements and expectations.
PQR provides architectural lighting design as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with its other services and engineering consulting. This unique working environment provides our lighting experts with multi-discipline information and resources and provides clients with seamless integration where lighting and building systems overlap, both in terms of design and on-the-job responsibility. We can provide services in:

  • Day lighting Controls and Analysis
  • Photometric Point-by-Point Calculations
  • Computer-generated Renderings
  • Samples and Mock-ups
  • Mounting Details for Architectural Integration
  • Custom Luminaire Design
  • Theatrical Lighting and Controls
  • Maximization of Energy Efficiency