Construction management

PQR’s project and construction managers are your eyes and ears at the workplace. Our vast experience in the construction industry ables us to ensure cooperation between all different construction teams for the project to completed costeffectively and on time whether it is a small renovation or a major new construction project. Our experienced construction managers are coordinators and communicators between you and the various teams of service providers. Through collaboration with architects, owners, developers, institutions, and public agencies, we deliver innovative and functional solutions for projects that not only receive public and critical acclaim, but become landmark structures and beloved community legacies.

With our ability to anticipate and address challenges before they occur, our understanding of critical business and project drivers, our experience in reliable sustainable building technologies and strategies, and our reputation for excellence in alternative delivery methods such as P3, we help clients realize their most ambitious projects – anywhere in the world.

As the project managers we work to ensures all social, economical, environmental, and municipality requirements are met in a timely manner. PQR has access to certified project for BAS-P mission and are accustomed to respond to and implemented projects in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.