Mar 18, 2020 | Global News


With the COVID-19 increase around the globe, we recognize that the demand for health care facilities will increase. We have taken the steps here at PQR to establish teams for any retrofitting needs.
Retrofit of facilities for Coronavirus Care will primarily need the following to control airborne and person to person infection:
· Air systems that are 100 % outdoor air
· Room pressurization that prevents room to room transfer of air.
· Hand wash facilities everywhere: in every patient area, in the corridors and in staff dressing areas.
· Staff dressing areas where staff can put on protective gear.
· Staff undressing areas where staff can discard protective clothing that has been contaminated.
· Sterile Equipment storage areas where the protective gear can be stored.
· Storage areas for disinfecting gear to be kept

Contact your local PQR office for more information and how we can help in this time.